Huobi Token Listing Announcement

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The MoneyToken listing team are pleased to announce a new cryptocurrency listing update: from now on, MoneyToken users will be able to take out loans using Huobi Token.

What is the Huobi Token?

The Huobi Token (HT) was launched in February 2018 by Huobi – one of the largest digital asset exchange platforms. Alongside Huobi Global, HTs can be used with various services and platforms under the Huobi Group, including:

  • Huobi exchanges in South Korean, US and Europe
  • Huobi Next
  • Huobi OTC Desk
  • Huobi Labs
  • Huobi Capital
  • Can be used for participation in IEOs and more

As one of the market leaders, Huobi Group has developed a global community that can all benefit from using Huobi Tokens. With offices in Hong Kong, the US, South Korea, Russia, the UK and other locations, Huobi provides its clients from all over the world with a fantastic quality of service, 24/7.

One of the great features of the Huobi platform is access to Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) that Huobi provides its clients with. The implementation of IEO makes it possible to reach more prospective investors, receive reputational support from the platform, and reach the most interesting projects at an early stage.

In order to meet client requests and recent market trends, MoneyToken has added Huobi Token to the list of cryptocurrencies we accept from borrowers; all the service options open for BTC, ETH, BCH are now open to HT asset holders that want to join the MoneyToken lenders community.

HT now joins our growing list of accepted tokens and cryptocurrencies – the MoneyToken listing team continues to work on reviewing and adding further tokens to our portfolio to meet the demands of clients – by broadening our cryptocurrency listing, we broaden the opportunities for our clients.

Listing opportunities

MoneyToken is open for new listing options. If you are interested in applying for the listing of any other token, fill in this form from our website. Don’t wait for the update to happen — propose new listing options for yourself.

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Note: Please be aware that the website has been migrated to a new domain name on the 5th of April, 2020.

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