MoneyToken is launching our own exchange in a collaboration with Huobi Cloud

Note: Please be aware that the website has been migrated to a new domain name on the 5th of April, 2020.

We’ve been waiting to make this announcement for a long time, and we’re now proud to say that MoneyToken is launching an exchange in a collaboration with Huobi Cloud.

This gives MoneyToken the ability to leverage Huobi Cloud’s technical expertise and security know-how, while also granting our users access to the liquidity that Huobi Cloud has to offer.

This is a huge step forward for us towards the vision we’ve had for the MoneyToken Ecosystem right from the very beginning, bringing together our lending services and exchange capabilities under one roof, and creating a one stop shop for essential services, for all crypto enthusiasts.

Together this presents even more opportunities for MoneyToken users:

  • Trade or exchange collateral assets: for example, you have taken out a loan via the lending platform, depositing ETH as collateral, but you can see that BTC is behaving better in the market. With our collateral trade feature you can instantly switch your collateral from ETH to BTC whilst still holding onto your loan. Alternatively, you can switch your collateral to USDT or another stablecoin.
  • MoneyToken will be able to liquidate collateral much quicker, improving the overall convenience and speed of operations.
  • Exchange features like margin trading, OTC, withdrawal to fiat, short selling, etc. will also be available.

MoneyToken customers will have their own personal accounts for trading made available in a short while; everyone is going to be able to participate in trading and manage their collateral as they want.

The new Exchange platform is scheduled to launch at 1:00 PM UTC on the 30th of January.

To encourage early participants and to say thank you to our community for support, we will be launching a lottery with 200 ETH of prizes for early birds. All details and instructions on how to take part will be published on our blog.

Note: Please be aware that the website has been migrated to a new domain name on the 5th of April, 2020.

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