Referral Program Launch: Earn 40% With MoneyToken

Note: Please be aware that the website has been migrated to a new domain name on the 5th of April, 2020.

Now you can get money for just inviting your friends to join MoneyToken community: get 40% of platform income from credit fee for every user registered with your referral link. Just share your unique link and get money for welcoming new users on the platform. It has never been easier to get reward introducing others to the best crypto lending platform out there.


Making It Simple

Referral program we have created is pretty simple and easy to understand: each user can share his/her personal referral link, copying it from your personal profile in the Referral program section. Every newcomer, who has used this link, will automatically be lined to your profile. As soon as this user repays the loan, you get a bonus, equivalent to 40% of the platform income.

This offer spreads to the whole MoneyToken community, regardless the asset amount, loan duration or any other user data. Even if you became our client a day ago — you can already start benefiting from Referral program, using your expertise and personal experience to gain additional reward.

You can get access to your personal data considering Referral link, your balance and users that have used your link, clicking on “Referral Program” section on the control panel. All data will be updated shortly after your first referring user gets on board, pays his first loan, etc. The more referring users you have, the longer will be your list and the better will be the balance!

More About The Bonuses

As soon as you get your bonus, you will be able to see the sum in Referral program section of your MoneyToken profile. All money get on your client balance and can be withdrawn at any time. 

Getting additional reward from referrals, you can as well pay your own credit interest, which makes it a useful active for taking credit, even if you don’t plan to make a withdrawal. We wanted to make this program as clear and simple as possible to show you how easily you can benefit just by sharing your experience of using MoneyToken.


Try our new Referral Program just now and share your experience with us and the whole community. To get more information about our recent updates, visit our site.

Note: Please be aware that the website has been migrated to a new domain name on the 5th of April, 2020.

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